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Don't you hate not knowing if the price you see for the car is the best deal?

We get you the best price on the car you're looking for, guaranteed! We do this by not marking up the cars we find. It's simple: the price we get is the price you pay.

How can you be certain you're taking advantage of all the purchase incentives that may be available to you?

By working with car dealers and manufacturers, we help you get a brand new car for the best price possible, without sacrificing important features. When we find your dream car, it will have all of the warranties, rebates and incentives just as if you bought it from the dealership, but at a much better price!

Interested? Wondering what types of purchases we will handle for you?

We handle no-down-payment leases and purchases. Whatever your car buying situation is, give us a call and we can discuss your options.

How can we possibly provide this service and not charge you a penny for your new vehicle?

Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with car dealerships and manufacturers that allow us to beat the price on every new make and model vehicle in America. We make it easy for them to sell new cars by bringing them customers who are ready to buy. Needles to say, they love working with us. And you will too.


I don't have the best credit. Can you still help me?

We’re not obligated to use only one financial institution for your financing. That’s why we can offer you many different choices and find one that meets your exact needs.

Wish you didn’t have to go through the tedious process of picking the car you want?

Don’t worry. We eliminate the hassle of finding a car and visiting multiple car dealerships. We have an extensive database of car dealers and manufacturers that we work with consistently to find the car you want at the best price. Just sit back and let us handle the hard work.

Do you hate negotiating and haggling to get the best deal?

We negotiate and haggle on your behalf so you don't have to do it. We're experts at negotiating and know how to get you the best deal on the car of your dreams.


How do we get you the best deal?

Not only have we cultivated relationships necessary to get the best deals, we take advantage of all the rebates and incentives available to you. With our industry insight, we can gain access to ALL of the manufacturer rebates and incentives that exist, at any given time.

But I need to get rid of my car first. Can you help me with that?

If you have a trade-in, we can get the best deal for it whether it’s included in the purchase or you just want to sell it and use the cash for yourself. We negotiate on your behalf, which means we get you the best price on your new car and the best value on your trade-in.

I live in a remote area and there aren't many car dealerships nearby. Will you be able to help me?

Yes, we work with car dealerships and manufacturers from all over the country. Our focus is on getting you the best deal possible regardless of where the car is located. As part of our service, we deliver the car directly to your home or office. It just can’t get any easier than that.

After reading this page, it's easy to see why we're the number one new vehicle purchasing and leasing company in America. We work tirelessly to get you the best price on your new car, guaranteed!