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Where does my new car come from?

Every new car that we deliver comes from an authorized new car dealer. The purchase, financing, or leasing documents will be in your name and you will be the first owner of your new vehicle.

Is Cars For Less Guaranteed an auto brokering service?

No, a broker's main purpose is to add their own markup onto your purchase while limiting you to buy from their dealers only. Unlike brokers and dealers, Cars For Less Guaranteed works on your behalf to maximize your savings. We're not limited to any particular dealers and we never mark up any vehicle.

What is your fee?

There is no fee. The dealer pays Cars For Less Guaranteed directly. It is a flat fee, so there is no incentive for us to sell certain makes and models. It's all about the vehicle you want at the very best price available.

Do I still get manufacturer's warranties?

Absolutely! You will get the exact same warranty coverage as if you were personally buying the car from your local dealer. Since your car is supplied directly from a new car dealership, the title transfers directly from the dealer to you. Cars For Less Guaranteed simply facilitates the process for you while getting you the very best price available. You are the first owner of the car, with all the rights to the car's warranty.

Can Cars For Less Guaranteed factory-order my new vehicle and still get a better price?

Yes. We can special order any car through our extensive dealer network and still guarantee you the lowest price. Your car will be built to your exact specifications.

Will Cars For Less Guaranteed help me with my trade-in?

Depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, we will include the trade-in as part of our negotiations with the dealer. This ensures you will receive the most for your trade-in.

How long does the Cars For Less Guaranteed process take?

Whether buying or leasing, the turnaround time for our process depends on the availability of your desired vehicle. If one is readily available at a dealer in your area, delivery can be as fast as 48 hours or less. If a new car has to be dealer-traded to a local dealer, the time for delivery could be a few days to a week or more, depending on location. If a new car is ordered from the manufacturer, the timeline for production and delivery is usually 6-8 weeks. In all cases, your Cars For Less Guaranteed agent will inform you of the approximate timeline for your particular vehicle search upfront.

Why do dealers like to work with Cars For Less Guaranteed?

Authorized new car dealers work with us for several reasons. First, they know that we represent serious buyers who are committing to purchasing a vehicle. Second, we help dealers sell more cars than they can alone in their local markets, thereby increasing their monthly sales volumes. Because we negotiate lower prices for our clients, dealers generally earn less profit on sales through us. However, these lower prices are offset by lower dealer overhead, since the dealership doesn't have to pay commissions to its sales associate, sales manager and finance manager, resulting in a win-win situation for both you and the dealer.