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For most people, buying a car can be a long, drawn out process. On the other hand, we believe that buying a new car shouldn’t be fraught with paperwork, long hours spent at the car dealership and the uncertainty that often comes from making a very large purchase without any help.

Well, we're here to help.

Buying a car is no small purchase and that’s why we respect your need to do your own research. In fact, we encourage it. So, take the time to see what’s out there. Find the best deal you can. Come to us, and then let us make the deal better. Let us save you even more money. Negotiating the best possible deal for you is our mission. It’s what we live for.

Many of our customers come to us after doing their own research and working with some of our competitors only to discover that we can get them an even better deal.

We will be your representative throughout the car buying process. Yes, car dealerships do have salespeople, but they’re not there for you. They’re there to make sure the car gets sold. They represent the dealership.

Our purpose is to represent YOU and make sure YOU get the best deal possible.

What do we do that you can't do yourself?

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    We know the ins and outs of the car buying process. We find the best price for your car including any rebates and incentives you may be eligible for.
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    We never mark up the cars that we get for you. We have access to the best deals and by working with us, so do you.
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    We're keen negotiators with the goal of getting you the best deal on your new car. YOU are our client, not the dealership.

You're not a car expert and you shouldn't have to be. Even if you're an enthusiast, you won't have the well rounded knowledge that we have about financing, paperwork and other industry related information that you will need to get the best deal on your new car.

You deserve to get the best possible deal on your brand new car. If you can hire a real estate agent to make sure your best interests are covered when you purchase your home, consider us your car agent. We work on your behalf to get you the best deal from the manufacturers and car dealers. We're not a car dealer. When we find a car for you it's coming from the manufacturer with full warranty and everything else you can expect from a dealership but at a much better price.

Our job is to make sure you walk away with the car of your dreams for a price that couldn't be beat.

Most people purchase a new car only a few times in their entire lives. Why should the process be filled with stress, uncertainty, frustration and confusion?

It shouldn't. We make sure of it.

Why do new car dealers work with you rather than just the buyers directly?

  • We work with serious buyers who want to purchase a new vehicle.
    Marketing vehicles to the general public can be time consuming and expensive. It takes time to determine which people are truly interested in making a purchase and which are just browsing. By working with us, they know the buyers that we bring are definitely interested in buying a car.
  • Because we represent serious buyers, dealers know we bring in repeat business that they don't have to go out and find themselves. It can be tough for car dealers to get repeat business because most people don't buy or lease new cars on a consistent basis. By working with us, they know that we will be bringing repeat business that will help them sell more cars and ultimately earn more money and be able to get more new cars added to their inventory. This is called "turn and earn" in the car business and is vital to the success of car dealerships.
  • We help keep their overhead low.
    Even though we negotiate lower prices for our clients, it's ultimately a win-win for the dealer because they don't have to worry about paying sales associates, sales managers, finance managers and other employees to sell their cars. This means that they happily give us better deals because they are ultimately saving much more money in the long run.

It benefits everyone to work with us. Our customers love the service we provide and car dealers love
to see us coming!